7 Tips to Prepare for the CrossFit Open


With the CrossFit Open lis getting closer! It is really time to gear up and perfect your CrossFit Game for the Open Workouts! You have been working hard all year, building that strength base and work capacity, in anticipation for that time of year where you can test your fitness against the likes of Rich Froning and Sam Briggs.

Here are 7 Tips to Prepare for the CrossFit Open The WOD Life to help you achieve that best placing yet, or even that spot at Regionals!

1. Get your calendar READY!

Do you know when the workouts are going to be released? Are you going to hit the Open Workouts as soon as they are released, or give yourself as much time as possible to strategise? The first workout 17.1 will be released on February 23rd in the USA. There will be five workouts released across the five week period. A new workout will be released each week on Thursday (USA Pacific Time), with the scores required to be submitted by the following Monday (USA Pacific Time).

For all those in Australia and New Zealand this gives you approximately Friday through Tuesday to complete the workout. Mark the dates, get the camera equipment sorted or lock in a time with your affiliate to make sure you have adequate time to complete the workout and record your performance!

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2. Work your weakness

Do you struggle with Muscle Ups, can’t quite come to terms with Double Unders or getting under a heavy snatch is really difficult for you? It’s time to focus and start working those weaknesses. Invest in the time in those movements which you do not feel as comfortable with. It is in these movements that you must move efficiently and avoid both fatigue and injury. Your ability to do so will have a direct impact on your times, reps and ultimate placing.

3. Fine Tune Your Conditioning

With the CrossFit Open Workouts considered high repetition, metabolic conditioning workouts, one of your key focuses in the lead up should be maximising your conditioning, your engine and your overall stamina. What will make the difference is your ability to sustain a high intensity, for the longest period of time possible. The last thing you want to do is be lying on the ground in a pool of sweat after 5 wall balls. Work more conditioning into your training schedule in the lead up and you will be thankful you did!

4. Do Past Workouts

Past workouts from the previous CrossFit Open years is a great method to get a feel for the types and styles of workouts that are likely to arise in the 2015 Open. Test yourself against your performance in 2013 to see how far you have come! Not only will these workouts prepare your body for the intensity required to be successful, they will also allow you to prepare the mental aspects required to achieve your potential. For the past three years workouts, check out the CrossFit Games site for these workouts: http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open/2012

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5. Work your Mental Game

What sets the elite apart is their mental capacity. Their ability to push beyond and silence the voice in their head that is telling them to stop! Whether your quads are burning from 150 Wall Balls, or your shoulders are crying from the Double Unders, focus on continually getting the best out of yourself. Set strategies in your workouts in the lead up and work hard to improve your capacity and exceed your expectations. When the Open Workouts roll around, you will be ready to hit them with intensity and confidence!

6. Mobilise

If you are stiff and sore going into the Open Workouts, your results will no doubt suffer. Ensure that your body is in tip top condition by working continually on your mobility. With the aim to move as safely and efficiently as possible, it is worth the time investment to open those hips, relieve those shoulders and feel magical! Extra time on the foam roller, yoga sessions or longer recovery sessions will all be of benefit in the lead up!

7. Rest

For each workout, you want to ensure you are in the best physical and mental shape to achieve the best possible result. Incorporating Active Recovery and Rest Days into your training schedule will assist you in preparing for the Open Workouts. Dial in your nutrition, hydrate, get enough sleep and prepare to hit those Open Workouts at 110%!

Ultimately, each athlete is different. Work together with your coaches or team mates to adopt the methods and strategies that work best for you individually. Whether you are looking to hit Regionals, or just better your placing than next year the CrossFit Open is a great chance to test your fitness for 2015!




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