The Open starts in less than a month away.

To ensure smooth sailing throughout the five-week competition, we’ve compiled checklists for athletes, affiliate owners and team competitors. Hit the lists chipper-style now so you can focus on fitness and frenemies once the competition begins.

Athlete Checklist

  • Get a CrossFit ID. If you’ve registered for any seminars or participated in the Open before, you will already have a CrossFit ID, which consists of an email and a password.

  • Register. Go to and click “sign up.” Be sure to use the same email and password you’ve used before so your record isn’t spread among multiple accounts.

  • Sign the waiver and pay US$20.

  • Read the Rulebook. Know and understand the game you’re planning and don’t miss details.

  • Fill out your athlete profile. Take some time to share some information about yourself—CrossFit reads bios when considering story coverage.

  • Coordinate times to perform workouts. Make any necessary arrangements (find a registered judge, organize cameras for recording, etc.) If you’re participating outside of a registered CrossFit Affiliate (Garage gym athlete) or aspiring to compete at Regionals, make sure you have a phone with plenty of room or a camera set up to record your workouts for video submission. Consult Section 1.38 and 2.02 of the Rulebook to determine if you need to submit a video of your workouts.

  • Train hard and wait for the first announcement right here on

  • When workouts are released, review standards and print scorecards.

Affiliate Checklist

  • Make sure your affiliate is in good standing with CrossFit Inc., meaning your fees and insurance are up to date. Remember, you do not need to register your affiliate on the Games website. If you’re in good standing, athletes will be able to select your affiliate when they register.

  • Double-check which email address you have on record with CrossFit Inc.—the licensee of record (LOR) address. This is necessary for you to register yourself as an Affiliate Manager, which you will need to do in order to validate scores. If you’re unsure of your LOR, contact LORs can also assign the Affiliate Manager role to a staff member, but to do so they’ll need to forward an email that will be sent to the LOR’s account.

  • Complete the online CrossFit Judges Course and ensure coaches and athletes who want to judge do so as well. The Affiliate Manager must complete the Judges Course before he or she can validate scores.

  • Read the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Competition Rulebook. Encourage your athletes to do the same.

  • Spread the word and get your athletes to register early so you can set up Team Managers and teams at your affiliate. Make sure everyone is clear about the difference between signing up to be part of your affiliate and being part of a team.

  • Come up with your game-day plan and share it with your athletes. Things to consider include: days and times you’ll allow athletes to test and re-test Open workouts, heat registration, drop-in policy, and workout filming.

  • Inform your athletes of your expectations for them—for example, an athlete needs to keep track of his or her scoresheet, which must have the judge’s name and tiebreak time. The athlete must also submit a score before the deadline.

  • Familiarize yourself with the deadlines for submission and validation of scores.

  • Inform your athletes of your validation plan. If they know you're going to validate scores just once a day by 6 p.m., you’ll be less likely to be bombarded with text messages each week.

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need to host the Open so you don’t run out of ink when printing scorecards or tape when creating lanes on the floor. Review movement standards and print scorecards.

  • Check out this article for more tips and tricks for Open success.

Team Checklist

  • Register for the Open before the close of the first Open workout on Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. PT.

  • Join your team. First, the Team Manager must complete the registration process and pay the registration fee ($20). Team managers can add members that have registered for the Open and joined their affiliate OR athletes can add themselves to teams or affiliates they have joined. You do not have to pay to join a team. You also do not have to join a team to compete in the Open. Once Open registration has closed and an athlete has been assigned to a team roster, the athlete may not compete for any other team during the course of the season, even if another team from the same gym qualifies to compete at the next stage(s). It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure that team athletes are properly registered.

Read this article for more information about joining a team and this article for the comprehensive requirements for team eligibility.

  • Coordinate times to perform workouts. Make any necessary arrangements (find a registered judge, organize cameras for recording, etc.) Determine if you have individuals on your team that will be in qualifying position for regionals and need to record their workouts. Consult Section 1.38 and 2.02 of the Rulebook.

  • For best results, read and understand the Open workout and movement standards each week, then show up ready to work and, of course, have fun.


The help center can answer any questions you might have. For questions not answered by the help center, email The Rulebook is another place to find all the details you’ll need regarding every stage of the CrossFit Games competition season.

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